Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Urban Fairy is awesome!!!

I have found an designer whose kits I am in love with.  Wow...I just feel creative when I look at her kits.  I did my first extraction ever (what a pain and it may be my last) but I loved how the layout can out!!!
The kit i used was The Watering Can by The Urban Fairy from Digiridoo Scraps.  The kit is linked so head on over and pick it up!!!

Here is my layout.  I was really proud of how it turned out.  this is the first time I had the nerve to try an extraction.

I also worked with another kit that blew me away.  I think I could dreate forever and ever with this kit!! This kit is much more than the picture shows.  It has several words, stamps with journaling and dreamy paper.  The picture does not do it justice! Touching Artisic, to me, is a bit dreamy, grunge and has a rebel feel to it.  This kit makes me think of my daughter who is very artistic.  This kit is her.

Here are several layouts I did.  I told you I couldn't stop!!!

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