Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lauren turns 21!!!

I remember it like it was yesterday.  My husband was coming home late after studying while at Naval Postgraduate school in Monterey, CA.  I stood up from the couch to greet him  and my water broke.  I wasn't prepared.  I was 36 weeks along.  I called the hospital and they ask me if I went to the bathroom instead.  I told them I knew the difference.  So off to the hospital we go.  Meanwhile, I am busy having contractions while the hospital is trying to figure out how they could airlift me to San Francisco where they have a preemie unit.  I didn't think we had time!! About 2 1/2 hours after arriving at the hospital, Lauren joined our family.

Lauren is smart, unique and very talented.  She is a wonderful artist.  She is getting a degree in Environmental Science from Tulane. 

Here she is at the Casino

Here she is with her sister Allyson

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